Monday, August 17, 2009


I was raised as an orthodox Jew; I went to Yeshiva for my education, which comprised solely of studies of the Old Testament and the consequential Jewish laws.

I suspect that the reader will take note that contemporary art and music weren’t around, during the times when the Old Testament was published, around 500 B.C.

Growing up in NY City, I've constantly come across these above mentioned art forms, as a result my curiosity grew by the day.

At the age of 31 I'm trying to learn and study the nature of these unknown strange to me, artistic forms of expressions, and understand how and if I could relate to them.

At some point I realized that the perspective of an adult being exposed to a new unknown concept, should be different of someone who an integral part of their upbringing was influenced by this concept.

I’m putting forth my experience/progression, writing it down in itself will help me have a better understanding of the subject as it forces me to quantify and organize my experiences.

Publishing might be beneficial in different ways to me and the reader; myself by getting feedback, criticized, and corrected when I err, the reader by getting a fresh perspective on the topic.